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  1. Hi I’m I guess I can say I’m sister Sharron now? Been in the hospital for a while ! I’m out now and home on my way to getting better. Thanks to all your prayers and the Lord for listening to you and hearing my cries heard gen not only health but sorrow confronted me! Jesus came to me an comforted me and everyone of my church family prying gave me strength and comfort! Even Buddy, bless his heart was getting ready for his trip to Cambodia and had to have a bunch of shot but still came to take me home even though
    He probably wasn’t feeling great. God bless him . I wasn’t to share a funny little story that happened while Buddy and I were waiting for Transport! You know those sticky old electrodes that they put on you for monitoring your heart and kegs, they leave such a sticky residue! Well I have been on steroids to clear my lungs and allow me to breath. I always heard steroids makes you gain wait grow hair you don’t want on your face. I have long hair and was setting in a chair talking toBuddy and touching a locket on my chest. All of a sudden I felt a hair mass of hair but my hair was back away from my face! Oh my gosh I said steroids I’m growing hair on my chest. Then, praised God I discovered that sticky stuff had pulled my hair loose and sticking to my chest. Lo I think even Jesus knew I needed a laugh! Now I’m a little worried about some airs on my chin lo. God bless our wonderful church and Pastor Perez, Jeremy, Amanda, April all of you . Yo brought me back to my Lord when I was trying so hard to get back to God. I wasn’t listening but Jesus was there. He spoke to me through a friend Manny, and you who helped me understand. Now I want to cry for the feeling of love and knowing I’m God’s child and he will give me what I need. You all have a part in this . I love you all! I’ll try to come to church on Sunday but for a while I have oxygen until I get better and have portable and have to learn to use it so I can drive over.

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