Recent Prayer Requests


Nicole – (Michael Brown’s former coworker) – healthy baby boy

Mourning the loss of loved ones

Jeff Conley & Family – father
Glenn Graham & Family – wife Sheri
Charley Shook & Family – brother Rick Shook

Recovering from Surgery

Gabriel Hall – recovering at home
Daniel – (Breeyana Weaver’s brother) – at home
Brenda Smith – also thyroid issues


Mary Benitez

Battling Cancer

Bill Mara – (Jack & Carolyn Hairston’s son-in-law) – hospice
Susan – (Stephanie Saunders’ aunt) – stage 4 lymph node cancer
Lyn Brocco – tests at UCSF
Darrell Christiansen – (Melissa Shook’s sister-in-law’s father) – prostate cancer
Dan Poulter – stage 4 cancer
Greg Hall – stage 4 prostate cancer has spread to his bones
Ron Tredway – (Melissa Shook’s friend’s husband) – Melanoma
Dwight McBride – (Colleen McBride’s brother) – Stage 4 prostate cancer, stage 1 lung cancer
Chrisey Hogan – (Paula Meler’s friend) – early-stage breast cancer
Joyce – (Ramona Ruskamp’s friend) – tumors have shrunk by 50%
Bruce – (Mike Ruskamp’s friend)
Taryn – (Cyndi Lindsey’s cousin) – Lymphoma
Julia Galloway
Billy Hunt – (Vickie Laguna’s friend) – stage 4 melanoma throughout his body
Renee – (Alegria Rice’s friend) – breast cancer
Mason – (teenager in Ripon)

Other Requests

Tammy – (Pam Vanderford’s daughter) – is hospitalized, recovering from cardiac arrest
Alma Magana – hospitalized with vertigo & high blood pressure
All of those affected by heavy rain in our area
Diana – (friend of Julie & Rodney Payne) – walking pneumonia
Silvius Nelson – (Linda Clark’s dad) – in hospice care in Arkansas
Harold – (Helen Hinton’s brother) – on oxygen at home, weak
Mikaela – (Jessika McCullough’s sister) – heart issues, ongoing tests
Chelsea – (Michael Brown’s former coworker) – expecting a second child in the Spring
Ruth – (Nick Perez’s grandma) – back pain
Donny Shook – (Mike Ruskamp’s cousin) – rehab
Tamara Wallers – looking for a position at work that will allow her to be here every Sunday
Linda Stedman – (Buddy Gray’s sister) – recovering at home
Linda Johnson – (Paula Meler’s friend) – nerve damage in hand following an accident
Jovina Rodriguez – (Paula Meler’s friend) – making bad choices
Vanessa Foxford – living situation
Brian Smith – safety as he travels to the mountains
Mike Hampton – housing situation

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