Recent Prayer Requests

Mourning the loss of loved ones

Small & Pew Families – (friends of Wayne Coulter) – Katie Small’s son
The family of George Sanchez Sr. – (Eddie Vargas’ friend’s dad)
The family and friends of Mr. Rubio, a teacher and athletic
Director for Enochs high school
Enrique Robles – still struggling with grief

Recovering from Surgery

Aiden Patterson – (Wanda Patterson’s grandson) – spleen removed
Gabriel Hall
Jackie – (Elene Patton’s aunt)

Other Requests

Jewel Cherry – Hospice House
Traci McEnery – nerve block on Tuesday
Shirley Poulter – recovering from a fall
Angela Maddalon – wants to reconnect to Christ, needs a job, dad has cancer, mom is a caregiver
Martha Gomez – a blood clot
Charlie & Tamara Cook
Shane Patterson – (Wanda Patterson’s son) – kidney stones
California Fires – Victims & First Responders
Louisiana – Hurricane Ida – Victims & First Responders
Noah Cobleigh, Ryan Higginbotham & Ryan Jetton – members of our family serving in the military
Dawn Wybrew & Ben – members of the military from the First Colony Church of Christ in Sugarland, Texas
George Sanchez Jr. – (Eddie Vargas’ friend) – recovering from stab wounds
Paula Meler – recovering from a fall
Serina – (Eddie Vargas’ sister) – tests on liver
Denise Libby – (Jim & Bonnie Greff’s sister-in-law) – lupus & kidney failure
Lester – (Ellen Tostado’s brother) – dialysis, needs a kidney
Angel Martinez – lives on the street & is struggling with temptation
Bob Hinton – stomach infection
Russ & Joan Ortloff – strength & healing
Helen Potterf – Hospice care
Leadership / Front Line Workers / Unemployed


Andrew & Brigette – (Stetler’s grandson & his mother)
6 year-old girl in Kentucky – (Michael Brown’s co-worker’s niece)
Alicia – (David Tostado’s niece)
Brian Castillo & Family – (Jesse Magana’s friend)
Lee Boydstun – recovering at home

Battling Cancer

Lyn Brocco
Julia Galloway
Ron Kemper – cancer has shrunk by 95%
Sheila Walls
Melvin Russell – (Melissa Shook’s uncle) – bone cancer, broken hip, Alzheimer’s
Anabelle – (Ellen Tostado’s co-worker)
Jonette Martine – (Wayne Coulter’s co-worker) – stage 4 breast cancer
Greg Hall – (Gabriel Hall’s father) – stage 4 cancer in his spine
Nancy – (Michael Brown’s friend) – cancer removed, one more procedure
Billy Hunt – (Vickie Laguna’s friend) – stage 4 melanoma throughout his body
Kris Simms – (Dwayne Ellis’ cousin) – kidney cancer
Renee – (Alegria Rice’s friend) – breast cancer Gene Fisher – (Jacqui Coulter’s father) – lung cancer
Grace Whited – (7 year-old at Murphys Church of Christ) – undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma
Janis – (Brian Smith’s mom) – undergoing treatment
Gene Ford – (Charlotte Walton’s brother) – pancreatic cancer
Bill Winegard – (Paula Meler & Lee Boydstun’s friend) – bone marrow cancer
Mason – teenager in Ripon

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