Recent Prayer Requests

Mourning the Loss of a Loved One

Christine Barrier & Family – Nephew Clarence

Recovering from Surgery

John – (Elene Patton’s brother) – kidney transplant
Phil Brown – valve replacement & pacemaker
Dracey Hall – (Gabriel Hall’s brother)

Battling Cancer

Lyn Brocco – many tests at UCSF
Rick Andolina – (Paula Meler’s manager)
Robert Wooten – (Colleen McBride’s friend)
Greg Hall – (Gabriel Hall’s father)
Wendy – (Cindae Hull’s friend) – terminal cancer & no belief in God
Yvonne Wheeler – (Mike Ruskamp’s friend’s wife)
Margaret Diaz – (Hermille Catzalco’s friend) – thyroid cancer
Cyndi Lindsey – home; awaiting bone biopsy results
Michael Patton – (Gary Patton’s brother) – prostate cancer
Renee – (Vickie Laguna’s cousin’s wife) – cancer that has metastasized
Darrell Christiansen – (Melissa Shook’s sister-in-law’s father) – prostate cancer, not doing well
Wayne Knox – (Melissa Shook’s uncle) – bone cancer
Karinne Ruckman – (Amber Hammond’s co-worker)
Mike Corley – (Monte Corley’s brother)
Cecilia – (Kathy Dee’s daughter)
Angie Westberg – (Marie Thompson’s niece)
Rosella Paslay – (Nancy Mitten’s friend)
Susan – (Stephanie Saunders’ aunt) – stage 4 lymph node cancer
Ron Tredway – (Melissa Shook’s friend’s husband) – Melanoma
Dwight McBride – (Colleen McBride’s brother) – Stage 4 prostate cancer, stage 1 lung cancer; chemo
Joyce – (Ramona Ruskamp’s friend) – tumors have shrunk by 50%
Bruce – (Mike Ruskamp’s friend)
Taryn – (Cyndi Lindsey’s cousin) – Lymphoma
Julia Galloway
Billy Hunt – (Vickie Laguna’s friend) – stage 4 melanoma throughout his body
Mason – (teenager in Ripon)

Other Requests

Mani Graham – chest pains Paula Meler – employment issues, physical challenges, depression Joan Ortloff – vertigo
CJ – (Melissa Shook’s great niece’s dad) – kidney failure
Dr. Donna Fearnside – (Bonnie Greff’s friend) – mourning the loss of her husband; brother has a tumor
Evelyn Louanesamay – (Melissa Shook’s coworker’s daughter) – awaiting test results
Ada – (Russ Wooten’s granddaughter) – hospitalized with breathing problems
Mary Renner – recovering at home Virginia Yoshino – seeing a pulmonologist Gertrue Smith – hospice
John Russell – mental health issues
Beth – (Rashima Hall’s sister) – struggling with Type 1 Diabetes
Randy Hatter & Steph – (Michael & Susan Brown’s son)
Tabitha & Family – (Linda Teixeira’s daughter)
Greg & Roxanne – (Helen Hinton’s nephew) – major health issues
Kali – (Tori Kelley’s roommate) – struggling spiritually
Christopher Matthew – (Helen Hinton’s great-nephew) – mental health
Brittany – (Dwayne & Michelle Ellis’ daughter) – to make better life decisions
Carol Day – back pain
Ryan Higginbotham – struggling & in need of encouragement
Mike Hampton – housing situation
Travelers Motel – has been sold; uncertainty for residents
Naomi McBride – (Colleen McBride’s mother) – hospice
Liberty Ruskamp-Woods – (Darren & Edwina Ruskamp’s daughter)

Please submit updates to the church office.

209-522-7226 /

Or jot it down on a card &drop it in the Donation Box.