About Davis Park Church of Christ


Davis Park Church of Christ is a group of Christians who meet in Modesto, California. We strive to see people and treat them the way Jesus does, with love and acceptance. Like you, we often struggle and hurt as we face the daily pressures of life. But, through the power & forgiveness of God and the fellowship & support of a family of believers, we also experience the love, peace and joy found only in a relationship with Jesus.

Here in Modesto, the Christians at Davis Park Church of Christ don’t want to keep this all to themselves. We are called to share the Good News of Jesus with the world around us. So, through Bible classes, worship experiences, small group fellowship, and a variety of outreach events, we strive to meet people where they’re at in life and hopefully join them in their search for more. After all, we’re all in this life together, and together we can make a difference one person at a time.

Making a Difference One Person at a Time


  1. Lloyd Seagraves

    Wed.pm services? Adult.

  2. Does your church teach a “rapture” in Revelations? Please advise as I need my family to attend where the Word is taught accurately. There is no mention of a rapture in the Bible.

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