Our congregation has long maintained a food pantry to share with others who need a bag of groceries to tide them over. Our food pantry is staffed by volunteers, and open to the public Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:30 AM-11 AM & 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM.
We spend some time visiting with each person who requests help. We also offer a Bible and a copy of “People of the Park” with the explanation:  “Each of the seven true stories is about a family from this church. By reading these stories, you will see that God can touch anybody’s life—including yours. This is a safe place to worship.”
Each person who comes to us is in need of so much more than just food. So, we also ask if the visitor has any needs that we might pray about. When these individuals open up to us about their lives and their needs, our eyes are also opened to see more than just a person in need of food, but a child of God in need of love and forgiveness from a God big enough to handle all of their problems.
The Davis Park Food Pantry is a blessing, not only to the families who come to us for food, but even more so for those of us honored to give it to them.

Monte Corley, Deacon over Small Groups

Monte Corley, Deacon over Small Groups & Pantry