Church Staff

Nick Perez, Preaching Minister
Phone: 209-522-7226
Find some of Nick’s sermons here:
Nick’s blog :

Buddy Gray, Outreach Minister Office
Phone: 209-522-7226

Youth & Family Ministry
Phone: 209-522-7226

Sherry Day, Human Resources
Phone: 209-522-7226

Bree Weaver, Bookkeeper
Phone: 209-522-7226

Barbara Hammond, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 209-522-7226

Lynn Albro, Website & Social Media
Phone: 209-522-7226

Matthew Gray, Social Media & Video Production
Phone: 209-522-7226


  • Jon Hammond
  • Gary Laguna
  • Jesse Magaña
  • Gary Patton
  • Mike Ruskamp


  • Michael Brown
  • Monte Corley
  • Bob Hinton
  • Darren Ruskamp
  • Charley Shook


  1. Your minister Nick Perez ministered so well to me yesterday.

    He deserves a raise. You hired the right man.

  2. We will raise him up in prayer!

  3. Please pray for my daughter Tahjee her gallbladder surgery was moved up to today.
    Thank You , Davis Patk family
    Bro. Gabriel Hall

  4. Please pray for our nephew Barku Tarpeh he is in the ICU @ Kaiser Hospital in Modesto, he has had 2 surgeries ,also my Aunt Mae Howard passed away yesterday, please keep our family in your prayers. Thank you, sincerely, Rashima Hall.

  5. Hello,

    I cannot give enough applauds and thanks to Nick for his lessons on ‘the Gospel According to the Triune God’ at the Sunset Bible Institute Workshop. This is such an important doctrine of church theology that has been neglected for far too long. God bless you Nick for having the courage and love to teach the hard to understand triune nature of our God; but absolutely necessary belief in how He must exist in that nature to allow the Gospel to be possible.

    God bless you,
    Don Strittmatter

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