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10/9/2020 Below is a link to an 18 minute video (with captioning) of the CCM land development to help us become more self-supporting in the future. Our goal is to be able to cover the monthly CCM Center operational expenses by 2024. This would include salary for all workers (interpreters, farm workers, cooks, doctors, etc.), food for the 30+ people @ CCM Center, utilities (electric, cable, etc.), gas, diesel, and maintenance for the farm equipment, and other expenses. We will always need some help for the orphans, water wells, and medicine but it would be awesome to get the monthly operational expenses covered by the revenue we receive from the fish, frogs, rice, coconuts, etc. Plus, Sokhom always has some projects in his mind for the future that will bless the poor of Cambodia physically and spiritually.

Cambodia 2019


Click to access Cambodia-Christian-Ministries-Report-June-2018.pdf

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