Newsletter, 10/1/22

10/2/22 Sunday’s Sermon By Nick Perez

Blessed Assurance; What the Bible Really Says About the Antichrist

1 John 2:18, ESV; Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come. Therefore we know that it is the last hour.

Ladies Bible Class

Discover God the Father in His roles as Elohim, Adonai, El Shaddai, and Yahweh.
You’re Invited to Join Us each Wednesday morning from 9:30 to 10:30.
We are beginning a new Bible study on September 26th entitled “God Pass By Me:
Seeing God’s Glory through His Names, Titles, and Descriptions.

Current Pantry Needs

Peanut butter (16 ounces)
Dollar Store Jelly
Dollar Store Syrup (24 ounces)
Cereal (11-12 ounces)
Individual packages of oatmeal
Chili (15 ounces)
Rice (1 lb bag)
Canned Fruit
Dessert Mixes (cake, brownies, etc)

Bible Study, Worship & Praise

Sunday Mornings – 9:30 am Bible Classes

  • Cradle Roll – Room 4
  • 2 yrs through 1st Grade – Room 9
  • 2nd through 5th Grade – Room 7
  • Middle School & High School – Rooms 10 & 11
  • Adults – Auditorium

Sunday Mornings – 10:45 am Worship

  • Children’s Bible Hour for 1st-5th Grades – Room 2
  • Online: Livestream begins at 10:30 am

Wednesday Mornings – Women’s Bible Class – 9:30 am
Wednesday Evenings – 7:00 pm Bible Study

Contact Info for our Shut-Ins

Nadine Greff, c/o Bethany Home, 930 West Main, Ripon, CA 95366
Gertrue Smith, Casa de Modesto, 1745 Eldena Way, Rm 4, Modesto, CA 95350  office.

***Please submit additions, corrections & updates to the office

Volunteer and/or Donate Now

Donations needed:

  • Men’s t-shirts (all sizes)
  • Women’s Pants & Summer Shirts (size 6 & under)
  • Men’s Jeans (28-32)

(Inexpensive jeans & t-shirts can be found at Thrift Stores)

We give away 20-30 sets of clothes EVERY Thursday.
Monetary donations are also accepted
Volunteer to help cook & serve a meal

Attendance Last Sunday

Bible Class: NA
Worship: 83

Offering Last Week:

Last Week: $5,887
YTD: $315,133
YTD, actual vs goal: +$14,528

Davis Park Church of Christ’s
will be October 31st, 6:00-8:00 pm

The outside doors of our building will be candy stations and booths. There will also be tables available in our covered entry areas. Guests will park in our parking lot and walk around OUTSIDE of our building. The building will NOT be open for guests and there will be NO food served. Sign-up in the Connection Center to hand out candy in a doorway or at a table. Please consider helping out at our biggest
community event of the year. Also, don’t forget to BRING CANDY!!!

Prayer Requests

Mourning the Loss of Loved Ones

Sullivan Family – (Melissa Shook’s friends) – father John
Marie Thompson & Family – Marie’s brother Wesley Anderson
Donna Small & Family – Stan Small
Jacqui Coulter & Family – Jeanne Fisher – (Jacqui’s mom)

Recovering from Surgery

Brenda Smith – also thyroid issues
Anna Gladys Leones – other health concerns as well
Jeremy Davis – (Christine Coulter Davis’ husband) – emergency gallbladder surgery
Melissa Crimson – (Ramona Ruskamp’s cousin’s daughter-in-law) – mastectomy

Battling Cancer

Jerry Murray – (Melissa Shook’s uncle)
Darrell Christiansen – (Melissa Shook’s sister-in-law’s father) – prostate cancer
Dan Poulter – stage 4 cancer, surgery August 19th, anxiety
Ashley Hatter’s co-worker
Greg Hall – stage 4 prostate cancer has spread to his bones
Bill Mara – (Jack & Carolyn Hairston’s son-in-law)
Ron Tredway – (Melissa Shook’s friend’s husband) – Melanoma
Lyn Brocco – more tests
Dwight McBride – (Colleen McBride’s brother) – Stage 4 prostate cancer, stage 1 lung cancer
Chrisey Hagan – (Paula Meler’s friend) – early-stage breast cancer
Joyce – (Ramona Ruskamp’s friend) – BAPTIZED!; blood clots in lungs & heart, pneumonia
Bruce – (Mike Ruskamp’s friend)
Mark Gonterman – (Paula Meler’s friend’s husband) – end stages of cancer
Leslie Radach – (Melissa Shook’s co-worker) – Basil Cell Carcinoma removed, awaiting thyroid biopsy results
Danny Adams – (Algerita Windus’s son) – thyroid cancer
Taryn – (Cyndi Lindsey’s cousin) – Lymphoma
Julia Galloway
Billy Hunt – (Vickie Laguna’s friend) – stage 4 melanoma throughout his body
Renee – (Alegria Rice’s friend) – breast cancer
Mason – (teenager in Ripon)


Dusty McCullough & her son Tanner
Michael Brown

Other Requests

Callie – (Breeyana Richmond’s friend) – in the path of Hurricane Ian
Three Opp Camp Campers – hit by a car
Carley Russell – (Melissa Shook’s great niece) – viral bronchitis
Gary Patton – employment
Jesse Magana – employment
Lee Boydstun – pneumonia in left lung
Vanessa Catzalco – (Hermille Catzalco’s daughter) – is hospitalized with kidney problems
Vickie Laguna – headaches
Betty Bussey – wisdom to make medical decisions
Stephanie Fackrell – (Melissa Shook’s niece) – high blood pressure during pregnancy
Mike Hampton – housing situation
Ryan Jetton – being deployed to the Middle East
Willie Croft – (Jim Greff’s niece’s husband) – stage 4 liver failure
David Reeves – (Melissa Shook’s friend) – vascular dementia
Vicki Davis – (Christine Coulter Davis’ mother-in-law) – recovering from a stroke
Nita Hall – (Gabriel Hall’s aunt) – severe headaches, awaiting test results
Angel – strength to avoid bad influences
Joshua Patton – playing basketball in Israel
Kris Oller – (Melissa Shook’s friend) – upcoming laser eye surgery & depression
Carol Day – strength to deal with chronic pain
Betty Bennett – (Ramona Ruskamp’s friend) – is being tested for cancer
Donnie Shook – (Mike & Darren Ruskamp’s cousin) – hospitalized
Charlie & Tamara Cook
Helen Potterf – Hospice care
Revitalization & Leadership

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