Newsletter, 9/18/2020

9/20/2020 Sunday’s Sermon by Nick Perez

Close Encounter with the Third Person; Blessed While Under House Arrest

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” Ephesians 1:3, NIV:

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Normalizing Sin (2)

God once said through the prophet Hosea centuries ago, “For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind” (8.7). Every action has consequences. Sometimes those consequences (reaping the whirlwind) are larger than the action which caused them (sowing the wind). It seems the common consequence of normalizing sinful behavior is to legalize that particular behavior. So what were the consequences of legalizing sinful behavior like homosexual marriage?

Catholic Bishop Hugh Gilbert stated years ago that homosexual marriage would lead to bigamy and incest. J. Budziszsewski in The Revenge of Conscience (published 1999) drives the nail further: legalization of homosexual marriage would lead to pederasty and full-blown pedophilia. Ultimately, legalization of pedophilia is where we are rapidly heading in America; legalization of polygamy and/or incest will just clean up a step or two we missed in our decline into moral depravity. Not possible, you say? Remember that at one time the argument was concerning the legalization of homosexual marriage. Where are we in that debate? The sacred, divinely ordained institution of marriage has been sacrificed on the altar to the idol of (so-called) love in our culture. Hence, it no longer is an institution for merely a man and woman, but now the anathema of homosexual relationships is the law.

How far away is America from the normalization of pedophilia? Consider that question with this context: everyday in America we have another 9/11 as 3,000 precious and innocent babies are murdered through abortion. 60 million (and counting) Americans have been systematically murdered over the last 40 years since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion. Did you catch that? We live in a country which legalized the slaughter of babies in utero. The systematic desacralization and
devaluation of human life began decades ago. The train moves further down the track…
~Nick Perez

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Coronavirus Response

  • We are complying with state and county guidelines
  • Sunday morning worship is now open, and still online
  • Sunday Bible classes canceled until further notice
  • Junior Worship canceled until further notice
  • Wednesday Bible classes canceled until further notice
  • Potlucks canceled until further notice
  • Food Pantry by appointment only
  • Travelers Motel – food service only
  • Shower Shuttle canceled until further notice
  • Recommendations – Those who are over 60 or have underlying health conditions are encouraged to stay home.
  • Guidelines – If you are sick, stay home. Wash your hands. Cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow.

Contact Info for our Shut-Ins

  • Jewel Cherry, 2117 Bridgewood Way, Modesto, CA 95355
  • Charles Cook, Valley Comfort, 2809 Lou Ann Dr., Modesto, CA 95350
  • Tamara Cook, Neighborhood Manor, 1200 Woodrow Ave., S1 Modesto, CA 95350
  • Nadine Greff, Vintage Faire, 3620 Dale Rd, Rm. 25, Modesto, CA 95356
  • Betty McGoldrick, 13754 Jasper St., Lathrop, CA 95330
  • Russ Ortloff, 511 East D Street, Oakdale, CA 95361
  • Evelyn Wood, Bethel Assisted Living, 2345 Scenic Ave., Apt.

***Please submit additions, corrections & updates to the office.

NOTE: Our Shut-ins are not allowed visitors at this time. Please take the time to send them a card or note of encouragement if you can.

Mourning the loss of loved ones

Melissa Shook’s sister-in-law – grandma Margaret
Linda Clark – sister-in-law Teresa Lett

Recovering from Surgery

Betty Bussey – surgery for a broken femur Yolanda (Travelers Motel resident) – back surgery
Cletus Thompson – friend Jim Ware is recovering from a lung transplant
Rosell Wade


Eric Wallers – brother-in-law, Doug Boyle (the rest of the family has recovered)
Melissa Shook – friend’s sister Angela; Bonnie Mulder & family
Nadine Greff
Jean Wallers – moved to a Care Facility

Battling Cancer

Patton Family – assistant high school basketball coach Leo Griggs
Sheila Walls – PET scan shows improvement
Pam Vanderford – sister Edith
Grace Whited, a 6 year-old at Murphys Church of Christ
Clementina Robles
Dee Rambo

Other Requests

Shirley Poulter – hospitalized with low blood pressure & arrhythmia
Nancy Mitten – son Dale Stephens & family and Dale’s daughter & her family have been evacuated due to fire
Yuri Gomez – surgery on Sept 21; boyfriend’s brother Andrew needs guidance as he goes through some challenges
Chuck Hickman – moved to Turlock Nursing & Rehab
Melissa Shook – Jerry & Debby Murray & their grandson Allen’s family have all been evacuated from their homes in      Oregon due to fire
Benzamma Rathu (Bontha’s wife) – typhoid fever
Larry, Carole & April Long – moving to Oklahoma
Jeanette Wilson – off vent, still hospitalized, but out of ICU
Art Turgeon – awaiting test results
Traci McEnery – back pain
Leadership / Civil Unrest / Essential Workers / Unemployed / Fires / Hurricanes

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