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8/2/2020 Sunday’s Sermon by Nick Perez

Behold the Blood – Redeemed

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He Descended to the Dead

Humans have two natures: we have both a physical nature (body) and spiritual nature (soul). While there are those who divide human nature even further, distinguishing between soul and spirit, there is universal agreement that humans are more than just their bodies. To use the language of Paul, humans have both an “outer self ” as well as an “inner self ” (2 Corinthians 4.16). Thus, it should come as no surprise that the man Jesus of Nazareth had both a flesh and blood body and a soul. In order to be fully human, Jesus needed both a body, an “outer self,” as well as a soul, an “inner self.” Scripture affirms the full humanity of Jesus.

Jesus’ full humanity has implications upon His death. People have asked me, “Where was Jesus during the three days He was in the tomb? What was he doing?” Then the writer of Hebrews says Jesus in his human nature (“flesh and blood”) “partook of the same things” which includes death. Therefore, in death, the same thing happened to Jesus as happens to all humans. Thus, the answer to the question  “Where was Jesus during the three days following His death?” is two-fold: on the one hand, His lifeless body remained in the tomb, and on the other hand, His soul left His body and went to the unseen realm
of disembodied spirits known in the Old Testament as Sheol and in the New Testament as Hades.

Scripture confirms that during the three days Jesus’ body was in the tomb His soul descended into the Hadean realm both in prophecy and in fulfillment. King David wrote Psalm 16 wherein he writes that Yahweh “will not abandon my soul to Sheol” (Psalm 16.10). On the day of Pentecost, Peter quotes this Psalm and affirms that David was not speaking of himself; rather, as a prophet, he was speaking of the resurrection of Christ (Acts 2.25-31). Specifically, David’s prophecy was fulfilled in that Christ “was not abandoned to Hades,” that is, while Jesus’ human soul upon His death descended to Hades, the unseen realm of disembodied spirits, His soul did not remain there. Peter continues, “This Jesus God raised up,” that is, God raised the soul of Jesus from Hades in order that He might raise His body from the dead. Upon His resurrection, Jesus’ soul was reunited with His body. –Nick Perez

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  • We are complying with state and county guidelines
  • Sunday morning worship is now open, and still online
  • Sunday Bible classes canceled until further notice
  • Junior Worship canceled until further notice
  • Wednesday Bible classes canceled until further notice
  • Potlucks canceled until further notice
  • Food Pantry by appointment only
  • Travelers Motel – food service only
  • Shower Shuttle canceled until further notice
  • Recommendations – Those who are over 60 or have underlying health conditions are encouraged to stay home.
  • Guidelines – If you are sick, stay home. Wash your hands. Cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow.


College scholarships are available for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. Applicants must be members of the Davis Park Church of Christ and must be attending a Church of Christ affiliated college/university in the fall. Please contact the church office for an application.

Contact Info for our Shut-Ins

  • Jewel Cherry, 2117 Bridgewood Way, Modesto, CA 95355
  • Nadine Greff, Vintage Faire, 3620 Dale Rd, Rm. 25, Modesto, CA 95356
  • Mary Ellen Heinrich, Casa de Modesto, 1745 Eldena Way, Room 906, Modesto, 95350
  • Betty McGoldrick, 13754 Jasper St., Lathrop, CA 95330
  • Russ Ortloff, 511 East D Street, Oakdale, CA 95361
  • Evelyn Wood, Bethel Assisted Living, 2345 Scenic Ave., Apt. 323, Modesto 95355

***Please submit additions, corrections & updates to the office.

NOTE: Our Shut-ins are not allowed visitors at this time. Please take the time to send them a card or note of encouragement if you can.

Recent Prayer Requests

Cletus Thompson – friend Jim Ware in need of a double lung transplant
Traci McEnery – back pain
Yolanda (Travelers Motel resident) – will have back surgery soon
Bontha Raju – wife & son diagnosed with COVID
Art Turgeon – resting at home
Krista Gray – brother, Stan Chism having a stent replaced Aug 4th & a valve replacement Aug 25th
Jason Gentry – Grace Whited, a 6 year-old at the Murphys Church of Christ, has been diagnosed with cancer & the prognosis is not good
Mani Graham – boyfriend, Daryl Curtis recovering from open heart surgery & positive for COVID, but no symptoms
John & Patty Ford – moving to Idaho August 3rd
Jim & Mary Renner – friend Steve Rodriguez, his fianceé, & both of their families have COVID-19; friend Dolores Lassiter lost her husband in a ranching accident
Melissa Shook – friend Tammy feeling broken & depressed; Kenny Knox in his final days; Gordon Dougal having health struggles
Yuri Gomez – boyfriend Nick & family recovering from COVID; court date & exam went well
Jacqui Coulter – son David’s father, Lewis Wilhelm, passed away unexpectedly
Paula Meler – Dr. appt. & x-rays for hand pain; mom, Lee Boydstun, having another angiogram
Jack Hairston – recovering from cataract surgery
Jim & Bonnie Greff – sister-in-law Denise Libby hospitalized with complications with a ruptured gallbladder
Buddy Gray – having heart palpitations; friend, Dee Rambo, awaiting surgery
Monte Wohnhas – recovering from ankle surgery
Sharon Corley – sister-in-law Jan having chemo for B cell lymphoma
Carey Higginbotham – brother-in-law Jeremy recovering from spinal surgery, has cancer throughout his body, given 7-12 months to live
Terry McEnery – strength, courage & direction from God
Vickie Laguna – mom, Georgia Springer’s dementia is progressing
Modesto Gospel Mission – 40 cases of COVID-19
Jean Wallers – hospitalized with COVID-19
Alicia Root – Brenna is considering baptism
Leadership / Civil Unrest / Essential Workers / Unemployed

Health Care Workers

Tonya Barnard, RT
Susan Brown, Urgent Care worker
April Burnett, working at San Quentin
(granddaughter of Ron & Roxanne Kemper)
Debbie Cree, RN
Krista Gray, RN
Rick Kelley, PA
Rose Kelley, PA
Ellen Tostado, Medical Lab Technician
Tamara Wallers, RN
Betty Weldon, RN
Joan Wohnhas, surgical sterilization
Dawn Young, RN (Shower Shuttle Volunteer)
Christie, RN (daughter of John & Patty Ford)

Loved Ones with Cancer

Tonya Barnard’s grandma
Deb Barnes
Marianne Durso
Josh Leslie’s grandmother
Gabriel Hall’s father
Terry McEnery’s uncle Ed
Elene Patton’s father
Clementina Robles
Clementina Robles’ brother Joe
Jody Thompson’s son-in-law
Sheila Walls

Continue to Pray for Improved Health & Strength:

Danny Allsup
Tonya Barnard
Mary Benitez
Chris Brocco
Jim Calibro
Caleb Collins
Charlie Cook
Sherry Day
Darlene Evans
Mary Ellen Heinrich
Vickie Laguna
Carole Long
Russ Ortloff
Lee Walls’ sister Doris
Sheila Walls’ sister Margo
Darlene Wengel

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