Showers of Love

Food, Clothing, and a Shower!

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Facebook post courtesy of Cleansing Hope Shower Shuttle, 
10/11/18 at

Folks how Awesome is this ?????

Davis Park Church our north side Modesto stop has taken it upon itself to provide showers to our regular Shuttle guests ♡

One of our buses “Grace”
Is in the shop getting her motor replaced and so we couldn’t run her today.

So because Davis Park Church has 2 permanent? showers of their own, rather than let our guests down who were looking forward to a shower..they scrambled and improvised a plan ☝️

They modeled a process similar to ours and greeted today’s guest’s with (Hope) as they informed them that they were indeed going to get a shower today sooo Cool!
They even created some hygiene kits to go?‍♂️

Can we get an Amen for our ministry partners….
‘Davis Park Church’


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