Newsletter, 5/31/19

Davis Park Church of Christ

6/2/19~ Sunday’s Sermon by Nick Perez

Faith Under Construction; Going Hungry – Matthew 6:16 And when you fast, do not look gloomy like the hypocrites, for they disfigure their faces that their fasting may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward.” 

Sermon Guide

Upcoming Events


  • Monthly Singing / 7 pm / Murphys
  • 11 Senior Saints Potluck / noon / Hughson
  • 23 Travelers Motel / 2:30 pm
  • 30 Graduation Sunday / more info to come
  • 30 Monthly Potluck / after worship / Family Room
  • 30-7/7 Family Promise


  • 2 Monthly Singing / 7 pm / Turlock
  • 4 Office Closed in Observance of Independence Day

*Cleansing Hope Shower Shuttle is here every Thursday. 9 am – 1:30 pm. Come check it out!


Congratulations to Melissa Mondragon who was baptized by Buddy Gray on Thursday!

Opportunities to Make a Difference

Pants with 36” waist or smaller. Men’s & women’s summer clothes.

Thank You

To our family at Davis Park, Thank you all so much for your prayers, cards, calls, etc. following the two losses in our family. Your love and support have made this burden easier to bear. We love you all, The Hammond Family

June 30th will be Graduation Sunday!

Please let us know if you have a Junior High, High School, or College graduate. Let us know where they are graduating from and what their plans are after graduation. You may also provide a picture of your graduate – no larger than 8×10. We will need this information and pictures ASAP.

Our Android App has been updated!

Our Android App has been updated! The previous app was not compatible with our podcasts. If you have our Android App, you will need to uninstall it and go to the Play Store and install the new one called “Davis Park Church”. The icon is the same.

Contact Info for our Shut-Ins

  • Nadine Greff, Vintage Faire, 3620 Dale Rd, Rm. 25, Modesto, CA 95356
  • Sue Hefley, 3109 Iron Gate Street, Modesto, 95355
  • Mary Ellen Heinrich, Casa de Modesto, 1745 Eldena Way, Room 921, Modesto, 95350
  • Betty McGoldrick, Prestige Senior Living, 1130 Empire Ave., Manteca 95336
  • Russ Ortloff, 511 East D Street, Oakdale, CA 95361
  • Joyce Percival, Casa de Modesto, 1745 Eldena Way, Room 4, Modesto, 95350
  • Evelyn Wood, Bethel Assisted Living, 2345 Scenic Ave., Apt. 323, Modesto 95355

***Please submit additions, corrections & updates to the office.

Recent Prayer Requests

  • Alvis & Wancewicz Families – mourning the passing of Jim Alvis
  • Lee Boydstun – daughter Cindy having a benign brain tumor removed
  • Alicia Root – recovering from gall bladder surgery
  • Jonell Martin – not feeling well
  • Larry & Carole Long – traveling
  • Pam Robin – struggling as anniversary of husband’s death approaches
  • Wayne Vanderford – dad, Charles, having surgery to remove a melanoma from calf
  • Tonya Barnard – hip problems
  • Darlene Wengel & Family – mourning the loss of Mike Grafton
  • Gilbert Smith – recovering from a stay in ICU
  • Albert Herrera – dad’s first surgery went well, more to come
  • Helen Hinton – granddaughter had C-section on Tuesday
  • Terry McEnery – had contact with daughter Stephanie
  • Melissa Mondragon – got a job; mourning the loss of her baby; wants a closer relationship with the Lord
  • Freddie Sanchez – friend Brittany’s 15 month old drowned
  • Russ & Joan Ortloff – Russ is struggling; patience for Joan as she cares for him
  • Danny Allsup – very sick; would appreciate cards & calls
  • Law Enforcement & their families
  • Cambodian Missions

Continue to Pray for Improved Health & Strength:

  • Mary Benitez
  • Bonnie Brewer
  • Chris Brocco
  • Jim Calibro
  • Charlie Cook
  • Sherry Day
  • Darlene Evans
  • Martha Gomez
  • Sue Hefley
  • Mary Ellen Heinrich
  • Sharron Hillman
  • Vickie Laguna
  • Carole Long
  • Cristian Lopez
  • Laura Lopez
  • Russ Ortloff
  • Robert Osegueda
  • Joyce Percival
  • Jose Manuel Rufino

Loved Ones with Cancer

  • Deb Barnes
  • Lyn Brocco
  • Kathy Dee
  • Marianne Durso
  • Amelia Mendoza
  • Jorge Mendoza
  • Maria Eugenia Mendoza
  • Paul Methvin
  • Allegria Rice
  • Lloyd Seagraves
  • Gabriel Hall’s father
  • Elene Patton’s father
  • Gil Smith
  • Linda Teixeira’s cousin
  • Jody Thompson’s son-in-law
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