Newsletter, 11/4/16

Davis Park Church of Christ

11/6/16~ Sunday’s Sermon by Nick Perez

God’s Sovereignty & the Election ~ Romans 13:1; Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.

Sermon Guide

Upcoming Events

  • reset-your-clocksReset your clocks on Sunday
  • Nov 15 Senior Saints Potluck / noon / Empire
  • Nov 19 Youth Night / 6 pm / Family Room
  • Nov 23-25 Office Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Nov 24 Thanksgiving
  • Nov 26 Monthly Workday / 8 am / Parking Lot
  • Dec 6 Monthly Singing / 7 pm / Livingston
  • Dec 17 Youth Night / 6 pm / Family Room
  • Dec 21 Cookies & Caroling / 7 pm / Parkview Christian Estates
  • Dec 23-26 Office Closed for Christmas Holiday
  • Dec 31 Monthly Workday / 8 am / Parking Lot

NOTE: Monthly Potlucks for the months of November & December have been cancelled. Senior Saints Potlucks for the months of December and January have been cancelled.

For more information: Go to our Facebook page or email us.


Congratulations to Christopher who was baptized last Sunday by Jesse Magana

Placing Membership

Please welcome Jeremy & Amanda (Long) Shuman who placed membership last Sunday!

Opportunities to Make a Difference

1. Andy & Yuri Duran are moving. They are in need of furniture and appliances. See Buddy Gray for more information.

2. We are in need of nursery attendants. Attendants must be at least 18 years old and fingerprinted. Sign up to serve once a month to help care for our little ones. Please see Darla Wincentsen or Tonya Barnard for details.

3. Pantry needs: Soups and canned fruit.

Family Promise

family-promiseFamily Promise will be here again the week after Thanksgiving (November 27 – December 4).

Please see Michael Brown or Raymond Archibeque to see how you can be involved.

There are many ways for you to make a difference in someone’s life:

  • Pray for a successful week
  • Provide a meal
  • Be an over-night host
  • Stop by and visit with the adults & play with the kids
  • Do laundry at the end of the week
  • Help with the shopping for breakfast & lunch items
  • Donate new twin-size sheets and blankets
  • Clean the kitchen at the end of the week.

Contact Info for our Shut-Ins

  • Betty McGoldrick, 234 Preakness Circle, Manteca 95337
  • Margaret Touchton, 13343 Horseshoe Rd., Oakdale, CA 95361
  • Earl & Evelyn Wood, Bethel Assisted Living, 2345 Scenic Ave., Modesto 95355
    ***Please submit additions, corrections & updates to this list to the office.

Recent Prayer Requests

  • At-Risk Marriages
  • Ron Collins & Family
  • Russ Wooten – being deployed soon
  • Margaret Touchton – hospitalized with infection
  • Mary Ellen Heinrich – recovering at English Oaks
  • Melissa Shook – brother Alan’s health
  • Ellen Newman – Jordynne & Dusty adjusting to being new parents
  • Kim Cobleigh – Janene Mayo’s ex-husband recovering from heart attack
  • Elene Patton – Aunt Audrey has hip problems
  • Krista Gray – nephew Phillip recovering from appen- dectomy
  • Julie Vergara – dad has stage 4 cancer & has moved in with them
  • Lynn Albro – Virginia Yoshino has cancer on her eyelid; friend Sandra relocating to Texas
  • Vickie Laguna – recovering from a procedure
  • Becca Biard – being attacked by Satan
  • John Ford – daughter Melissa recovering from an accident
  • Ben Brocco – recovering from shoulder surgery
  • Jack & Barbara Eramdjian – traveling
  • Barbara Trager – broken leg
  • Mary Whitehead & family – mourning the loss of Roy
  • Joyce Percival – recovering at home following a fall & hospital stay
  • Max & Jeanette Allen – daughter-in-law diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Jody Thompson & family – mourning the loss of son Andy Ellis
  • Linda Teixeira – both parents struggling with declining health
  • Joan Ortloff ~ son-in-law Richard Stripland going thru drug reha

Continued Prayer for Better Health & Strength

Mary Ellen Heinrich, Sue Hefley, Joyce Percival, Helen Hinton, Margaret Touchton, Laura Lopez, Robert Osegueda, Cristian Lopez, Jose Manuel Rufino, Theo Roberts, Mary Whitehead, Sherry Day, Lawrence McCullough

Continued Prayer for Loved Ones with Cancer:

Ron Bates, Phil Brown, Holly Calibro, Don Clasby, Alex Cobleigh, Julia Galloway’s sister, John Greff, Bob Hinton, Amelia Mendoza, Allegria Rice, Lloyd Seagraves, Rosemary Foster’s Daughter-in-law, Elene Patton’s father, Jody Thompson’s sister, Julie Vergara’s dad

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