Recent Prayer Requests

Barb Biard – Becca struggling with anxiety & depression; Mary Ellen having breathing problems
Buddy Gray – recovering from knee replacement surgery
Lee Boydstun – daughter Cindy still leaking brain fluid
Paula Meler – son Jackson being deployed; Vinnie going to bootcamp
Jane Linder – recovering from surgery
Joan Quinn – housing for her daughter
Darlene Evans – requires a cast, currently in Senior Care
John Ford – daughter’s mental health as she starts new meds; son to be her caregiver
Rodney – upcoming trip to Anaheim; Sharon Shook having medi- cal issues
Sheila Walls – having health issues again
Mack Wilson – prayer for him and his family
Ron Kemper – diagnosed with colon cancer, doctors optimistic, surgery in January
Darlene Wengel – broken ankle
Terry McEnery – Ed Stone, maintenance man at Travelers Motel, hospitalized with an aneurism
Pam Vanderford – friend Nick recovering from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident
Darren Ruskamp – recovering from achilles tendon surgery
Lew Wade – guidance to know where & how to serve in retirement

Loved Ones with Cancer

Deb Barnes
Marianne Durso
Josh Leslie’s grand- mother
Allegria Rice
Lloyd Seagraves
Gabriel Hall’s father
Elene Patton’s father
Clementina Robles’
brother Joe
Linda Teixeira’s cousin
Jody Thompson’s son-in-law

Continue to Pray for Improved Health & Strength:

Danny Allsup
Tonya Barnard
Mary Benitez
Chris Brocco
Jim Calibro
Charlie Cook
Sherry Day
Darlene Evans
Sue Hefley – Hospice
Mary Ellen Heinrich
Vickie Laguna
Art Long
Carole Long
Russ Ortloff
Joyce Percival
Lee Walls’ sister Doris
Sheila Walls’ sister Margo

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