Prayer Requests

9/11/17  Linda Teixeira is requesting prayers for herself and her family. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy and cannot be around people, so she cannot go to work. She would also like prayers for the situation with her mom, aunt and cousins – specifically for her aunt and cousins to drop the lawsuit that is causing so much family strife.

9/8/17  Mary Ellen Heinrich has a broken shoulder as a result of a fall. She is being sent home as no surgery is required.

Recent Prayer Requests

Ron Collins & Family
Wood Family – mourning the loss of Earl
McCullough Family – mourning the loss of Lawrence
Hurricane Harvey victims
Craig Beck – recovering from surgery
Sherry Day – health & physical challenges
Chris Brocco – rare autoimmune disorder
Leona Lewis – son David recovering from heart attack & waiting for pacemaker
Dee Lugton – in need of housing
Andrea Bailey – admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure & broken heart syndrome
Freddie Sanchez – girlfriend Norma’s mom having problems
Tonya Barnard – hostile work environment
Sharron Hillman – mourning loss of niece
Ramona Ruskamp – brother’s new grand- daughter struggling with blood sugar issues
April Long – adjusting to new job
Darlene Evans – recovering from toe amputation
Patsy Rice – complications following surgery
Dave Lugenbeal – sister Carol battling cancer
Diana Delaney – daughter Jessica struggling with mental health issuesMartha Gomez – Jorge Mendoza & Javier Zavala both battling cancer
Peg Fewell – having more tests done on her back
Charlotte Walton – mourning the loss of her father
John Ford – mom, Lillian dealing with family strife

Pray for Health & Strength:

Mary Benitez, Laura Lopez, Bonnie Brewer, Liz Newman, Jim Calibro, Sherry Day, Robert Osegueda, Barbara Dunn, Joyce Percival, Sue Hefley, Theo Roberts, Mary Ellen Heinrich, Jose Manuel Rufino, Vickie Laguna, Barbara Trager, Carole Long,  Mary Whitehead, Cristian Lopez

Continued Prayer for Loved Ones with Cancer:

Linda Teixeira, Marianne Durso, John Greff, Ron Bates, Holly Calibro, Allegria Rice, Elene Patton’s father, Julie Vergara’s dad, Julia Galloway’s sister, Jody Thompson’s sister, Max & Jeanette Allen’s daughter-in-law, Dick Lightfoot, Ernie Trutner, Amelia Mendoza, Lloyd Seagraves, Rose- mary Foster’s Daughter-in-law, Jody Thompson’s son-in-law

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