Prayer Requests

10/2/17 Melissa Shook: She has been moved to Room 426A this afternoon. They have put a PIC line in and will start giving her nutrition through that starting tonight while her bowels area till resting. At three to four more days in the hospital and possibly rehab after. Once she gets home I will set up meals for two weeks for her. Keep praying for her recovery!!

10/29/17 Sharron Hillman’s son, Gary passed away this morning after suffering a heart attack last night. Please keep Sharron in your prayers during this very difficult time.

10/29/17 Update from Doni Archibeque: Elias’s check up went really good today. The tumor, Infantile Fibrosis Sarcoma, is benign and we are scheduled to have it removed on Friday. They will run further tests on it once it is removed. Praise God for no cancer!

10/28/17 Jeanette Wilson is being taken back into surgery this afternoon. Please pray that they can find the problem and correct it. Also pray that she does well throughout the surgery and has a quick recovery.

10/27/17 Michelle Ellis is requesting prayers for herself. She has not been feeling well for quite some time and is having some concerning symptoms. She has a doctor appointment today and would like prayers for a diagnosis, solution and healing.

Recent Prayer Requests

Archibeque Family – awaiting biopsy results for newborn son Elias
Buddy Gray – Mike Meierhofer’s mom passed away
Sharron Hillman – breathing problems
Andrea Bailey – struggling with grief
Andy & Yuri Duran – marriage problems
Mack Wilson – Lance & Neko
Shooting victims in Tennessee
Barbara Trager – struggling with pain
Vickie Laguna – mom, Georgia Springer, struggling with memory & mobility issues
Faye Geiss – resting at home following heart problems
Wayne Coulter – mom, Carolyn Henry, hospi- talized with back problems
Mary Benitez – son’s friend, Rudy Garcia, has a cancerous tumor
Vickie Laguna – forgiveness & strength
Chris & Darla Wincentsen – Destiny is in jail; anger, sadness & stress over Destiny’s poor choices
Cathy Dixon – struggling with vertigo
Melissa Shook – strength to be an example at work; Charles Sattenfield diagnosed with leukemia; uncle Wayne Knox cleared for prostate surgery
Dave Lugenbeal – safety for his siblings in Florida; sister Carol battling cancer
Jesse Magana – son Mials is having family problems

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Prayers for Better Health & Strength

Mary Benitez, Cristian Lopez, Bonnie Brewer, Laura Lopez, Jim Calibro, Liz Newman, Chris Brocco, Robert Osegueda, Sherry Day, Joyce Percival, Barbara Dunn, Theo Roberts, Sue Hefley, Jose Manuel Rufino, Mary Ellen Heinrich, Barbara Trager, Vickie Laguna, Mary Whitehead, Carole Long

Continued Prayer for Loved Ones with Cancer:

Linda Teixeira, Marianne Durso, John Greff, Ron Bates, Holly Calibro, Allegria Rice, Elene Patton’s father, Julie
Vergara’s dad, Julia Galloway’s sister, Max & Jeanette Allen’s daughter-inlaw, Dick Lightfoot, Ernie Trutner, Amelia Mendoza, Lloyd Seagraves, Rosemary Foster’s Daughter-in-law, Jody Thompson’s son-in-law


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