Newsletter, 11/10/17

Davis Park Church of Christ

11/12/2017~ Sunday’s Sermon by Nick Perez

Come Thirsty – Isaiah 55:1; Ho! Every one who thirsts, come to the waters; And you who have no money come, buy and eat. Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost.

Upcoming Events

  • Nov 14 Senior Saints Potluck / noon / Empire
  • Nov 19 Travelers Motel
  • Nov 22-24 Office Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Nov 25 Monthly Work Day / 8 am
  • Nov 25 Alexandria’s Toy Drive / 10 am – 3 pm / Family Room
  • Dec 5 Monthly Singing / 7 pm / Livingston
  • Dec 16 Alexandria’s Toy Drive / 10 am – 5 pm / Family Room
  • Dec 17 Travelers Motel
  • Dec 22-25 Office Closed for Christmas Holiday
  • Dec 30 Monthly Work Day / 8 am

Potlucks for November & December have been cancelled

New Directories

Members may pick up a copy of the new directory in the Connection Center.
PDF version available upon request.

Love Your Neighbor November

In an effort to be more intentional in reaching our community, this month we are going to be contacting as many of our 1,900 Trunk or Treat guests as gave us their contact information. To help with this see Nick or Buddy.


The Elders have requested suggestions from the membership for men that you believe would serve the congregation well as Deacons. We were also asked to study 1 Timothy 3:8-10 to determine qualifications. Please either make your suggestions to an Elder directly, or in writing. Written notes must be signed in order to be considered.

Our Mobile Apps

Those with smart phones may have noticed that our Apps are not working. We are aware of the problem, and we’re working on it. New Apps for iPhone and Android coming soon!

Contact Info for our Shut-Ins

  • Mary Ellen Heinrich, Remolona Family Guest Home, 360 Button Ave., Manteca, CA 95336
  • Betty McGoldrick, Prestige Senior Living, 1130 Empire Ave., Manteca 95336 (Hospice Care)
  • Joyce Percival, Casa de Modesto, 1745 Eldena Way, Room 4, Modesto, CA 95350
  • Evelyn Wood, Bethel Assisted Living, 2345 Scenic Ave., Apt. 323, Modesto 95355
    ***Please submit additions, corrections & updates to this list to the office

Recent Prayer Requests

Larry Long – Paul Methvin diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer
Lois Day – mother struggling with depression
Shooting victims in Texas & their families
Brian Smith – nephew Donny’s employment
Patsy Rice – cancer in her heart
Sharron Hillman – wants her daughter & her neighbors to know Jesus
Paula Meler – son Jackson going into the Navy; this time of year is difficult for her
Gabriel Hall – 5 yr old killed & 6 yr old injured in neighborhood shooting; Rashima has a sinus infection
Rose Mary Foster – grieving the loss of her sister
Carole Long – blood clot in leg
Wayne Coulter – coworker Carolyn suffering with bulging discs
Melissa Shook – uncle Wayne not a surgery candidate, looking for other treatment options
Yuri Duran – custody issues
Marianne Durso – awaiting PET scan results
Tahjee Hall – fibroid tumors; continued spiri- tual growth
Suzie Tornberg – student, Ian still undergo- ing cancer treatments
Barbara Trager – struggling with pain
Vickie Laguna – mom, Georgia Springer, struggling with memory & mobility issues
Ron Collins & Family
Darlene Evans – recovering from toe amputation

Prayers for Better Health & Strength

Mary Benitez, Cristian Lopez, Bonnie Brewer, Laura Lopez, Jim Calibro, Liz Newman, Chris Brocco, Robert Osegueda, Sherry Day, Joyce Percival, Barbara Dunn Theo Roberts, Sue Hefley, Jose Manuel Rufino, Mary Ellen Heinrich, Barbara Trager, Vickie Laguna, Mary Whitehead, Carole Long

Continued Prayer for Loved Ones with Cancer:

Linda Teixeira, Marianne Durso, John Greff, Ron Bates, Holly Calibro, Allegria Rice, Elene Patton’s father, Julie Vergara’s dad, Julia Galloway’s sister, Dick Lightfoot , Ernie Trutner, Amelia Mendoza, Lloyd Seagraves, Rosemary Foster’s Daughter-in-law, Jody Thompson’s son-in-law, Jorge Mendoza, Javier Zauala

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